A drop Of The New: Gold Filtered Whiskey.

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April 7, 2016

Gold Bar Whiskey are stepping things up a notch in the quest to win the most outrageous whiskey release of 2016. Their product, set to be released in the US later this month is made up of Blended American Whiskies sourced from Kentucky and Indiana distilleries and then filtered through gold. Yes that’s right. Gold!

Gold Bar are legit, saying their golden filter is made of 24 karat flakes of gold. They don’t go into detail about how much gold is in the filter but from there, the uniquely processed item is bottled at 80 proof and sent for distribution across the country.

Going off Gold Bar’s website, the flavor profile is as listed:

  • Mash bill: 88% corn, 9% rye, 2% barley
  • Appearance: Clean and clear, golden amber, beeswax / honey.
  • Aroma: Herbaceous with spicy notes of clove and cardamom. Slightly sweet, with notes of vanilla, rye, honey and apple.
  • Palate: Starts with spice and apples with fresh citrus balanced off with honey. Light-bodied and gentle.
  • Finish: Smooth and balanced with no roughness or bitterness.

As you can expect the packaging will be a bit gimmicky, resembling a shiny gold bar. Each bottle will be numbered as well as having a coin imprint on the bottle which is meant to symbolize ‘the world’s most renowned heroines of victory’.

Now, i has to dust off my university chemistry textbooks for this analysis, but gold the element being non reactive will probably have absolutely no effect on the whiskey’s taste. An interesting marketing effort and i can see this being a fad hit, but overall i’m not overly sold on it and can’t see myself shelling out the dollars to try it. I put this in a similar basket to gold slick vodka and diamond filtered water as probably not for me. But i’m sure someone will be willing to try it and it is a bit of a conversation starter so who am I to judge.

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