What makes an Award Winning Whiskey?

In the spirits industry, awards distinguish a product, package, person or place from the rest of the field. First of all, whiskey is all about personal preferences and tastes. It is a great accomplishment to be recognized by our peers and industry experts we admire and respect as an award winning whiskey.

Like the explorers seeking fortune with the California Gold Rush, an award winning whiskey requires hard work and perseverance. Our award winning American Whiskey is a testament to the conviction, dedication, spirit and passion that goes into every bottle.

We believe an award winning whiskey is for moments worth celebrating. Over the years, Gold Bar Whiskey has celebrated a number of prestigious spirits-industry awards from around the world. We have been recognized for our packaging, and most importantly, the contents inside the packaging.


2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) is considered to be one of the most prestigious, respected and influential spirits competition in the world. A SFWSC medal is universally recognized and a testament to the hard work, exceptional quality and craftsmanship that goes into every winning bottle.

The 2016 SFWSC featured more than 1,850 entries representing some of the finest spirits from around the world. The competition’s blind tasting process ensures integrity and impartiality, and 2016’s 39 judges were established, spirits-industry experts including Master Mixologists Tony Abou-Ganim and Dale DeGroff, Lifestyle Writer, Editor and Publisher Anthony Dias Blue, Diageo’s “Best Bartender in the World” Charles Joly, Spirits Writer David Wondrich and Brand Advocacy for Wm. Grant and Sons Charlotte Voisey, amongst others.


Double Gold San Francisco World Spirits Competition

A double gold medal is awarded to the few entries that earn top marks from all members of the judging panel. Gold Bar® Whiskey was awarded a 2016 double gold medal in our category after receiving a gold medal rating by the entire judging panel.

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Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Packaging

The SFWSC Packaging Design Competition is a separate competition judged by a distinguished panel of graphic design and packaging design professionals. This competition not only evaluates entries based on creativity, impact, and execution but also overall aesthetics and context of the product in relation to the brand. The panel consisted of Graphic Designer Joel Blum, Principal and Creative Director of Imagine That Design Studio, Patti Mangan, Package Designer of Riccetti Design, Robert Ricetti and Kevin Shaw of Stranger and Stranger. Most noteworthy, Gold Bar Whiskey’s bottle proudly won the Gold Medal at the 2016 SFWSC for Best Packaging.

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Gold Medal SIP Awards International Consumer Tasting – Packaging

The Gold Bar® bottle met and exceeded the premium standards of unparalleled excellence and was awarded the 2016 Gold SIP Awards Medal for Packaging.

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Silver Medal SIP Awards International Consumer Tasting – Spirit

Gold Bar Whiskey was awarded the 2016 Silver SIP Awards Medal for Tasting. Judges evaluated based on three criterias: aroma, taste and finish. Overall, the judges deemed Gold Bar® Whiskey to be a well crafted, above average spirit of great quality.


2016 Denver International Spirits Competition Best in Show – Package

The Denver International Spirits Competition (DISC) is open to all commercial/craft distillers. It is judged double blind by a panel of highly regarded sommeliers, retail buyers, journalists, mixologists and beverage directors. At the 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition, Gold Bar® Whiskey was awarded the ‘Best in Show – Package medal as recognized by a panel of nationally recognized graphic designers, art directors and wine retailers.

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2016 Berlin International Spirits Competition

The Berlin International Spirits Competition (BISC) is one of the most respected international beer, spirits and wine competitions in the world. This trade-only judging panel represents a mix of sommeliers, retail spirits buyers, distributors, restauranteurs and importers. Judges are presented spirits in coded glasses and no bottles are visible to the judges. The judges liked our product and Gold Bar Whiskey took home the Silver Medal at the 2016 BISC.

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2016 UK Luxury Packaging Awards

The UK Luxury Packaging Awards rewards great design, consumer appeal and a sense of luxury in all of the entries its judges review. Awards are given based on quality and innovation in graphics, decoration, shape and structure, product functionality, how the pack adds value to the brand it represents, whether it would stand out on a shelf, and overall luxury feel. Gold Bar Whiskey was a Finalist at the 2016 event.

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - Double Gold SFWSC 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey -Gold SIP Awards 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - Gold SFWSC 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - BEST IN SHOW Denver International Spirits Competition 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - Silver Berlin International Spirits 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - Silver Sip International 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - 89 Points Critics Challenge International Competition 2016

Award winning whiskey - Gold Bar Whiskey - GOLD MEDAL San Diego Spirits Festival 2016