The Gold Bar Bottle

The Gold Bar Bottle is truly a cutting edge work of art. The ‘Original’ 750 mL bottle, shaped like a solid gold bar measures 12″ x 3.5″ x 2.25″ (h/w/d) and is made of glass. The label was designed by the award winning Chad Michael Studio, which specializes in package label design and product innovation. The goal with every project is to push boundaries and never repeat what has already been done.  We are confident that the Gold Bar Whiskey packaging is unlike anything you have ever seen in any liquor store.

GOLD BAR Bottle - Gold Bar Whiskey


Anatomy of the Gold Bar Bottle

The front of the bottle includes a solid brass collector’s grade “Lady of Fortune” coin pressed into the glass. The coin may be removed from the bottle to pass on good luck and prosperity. To learn more about the coin inspired by the world’s most renowned heroines of victory, please click here.

  • The glass is etched with ‘The Original Gold Bar Premium Blend – Every Batch Touches Gold Made For Those Moments Worth Celebrating’
  • Each bottle is individually numbered with its unique bottle number, blend number and bottle lot displayed on the three foil stamped labels.
  • The top label includes the bottle lot and ‘May her light reveal your fortunes path’ and ensures the bottle has not been opened prior to purchase.
  • The bottom label includes the blend number, alcohol content and ‘Blended Whiskey Finished in California Casks’ and ‘Wine Barrels from Napa Valley.’
  • The label on the reverse displays the unique bottle number and more information about the blend.

The ‘Original’ Gold Bar bottle includes a transparent pedestal wedge.  The pedestal wedge displays the bottle in an upright position, perfect for back bar displays. This pedestal may be removed to be displayed flat with true Gold Bar lines.


Gold Bar Whiskey  ‘Mini’ 50 mL Bottle

The 50 mL ‘Mini’ makes the perfect gift for those who know great things come in small packages.

GOLD BAR ® MINI, gold bar bottle

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