Gold Bar Whiskey Cynar Cocktail Recipe

Gold Bar Whiskey Cynara cocktail Recipe with amaro and orange twist
  • 1.5oz Gold Bar Whiskey
  • .5oz Cynar
  • .5oz Aperol

Cocktail enthusiast @bitterbotwin crafts his favorite Amaro, Cynar, with Gold Bar® Whiskey in this recipe from the pages of Amaro! by award-winning author, Brad Thompson Parsons. The Gold Bar Whiskey Cynar Cocktail refreshes your palate with every sip.

“Wanted to give love to one of my favorite Amari, Cynar. It’s like candy! This drink also uses a Bitters Ice Cube which, when it slowly melts, adds more depth to the cocktail as you sip along. The cocktail calls for Bourbon normally but I subbed in the so fresh and so clean clean Gold Bar Whiskey. Play on playa!”

Build in an old fashioned glass, add Bitter Ice Cube (add 7 drops of your choice of Aromatic Bitters into your cube mold and freeze), garnish with orange zest.

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