What’s new in booze? Here are 5 fresh products from Wine and Spirits Expo

By Chris Kudialis

Posted  April 21, 2016

Gold-finished whiskey by Gold Bar Bottling Co.

A whiskey finished with gold flakes, the new, high-end product from San Francisco-based Gold Bar Bottling, was developed to bring “good fortune and good luck” to those who drink it, said company spokesman Chris Schlesak.

Buyers of the $60, 26-ounce whiskey bottle also receive a bronze “Lady of Fortune” coin, hand-sculpted for good luck.

Though finishing the blended whiskey with gold doesn’t enhance or affect the whiskey’s flavor, Schlesak said the enhancements were more philosophical than taste-related. But the drink still won “double gold,” the top award for whiskeys, during a Tuesday competition at the convention.

“We were going for something that was true to us, and we’re really happy where it is,” Schlesak said. “Smooth is what we’re going for, and we’re going to break into a wide market of whiskey drinkers.”

The product is available only online, in California and New York, but Schlesak said it would soon be in liquor stores across 12 more states, including Nevada.


Chris Schlesak, brand spokesman, holds a bottle of Gold Bar whiskey during the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) convention at Caesars Palace Wednesday, April 20, 2016. The whiskey is “finished” by filtering the whiskey through gold coins for luck and prosperity, Schlesak said.

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