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Smooth and approachable
The 889 Blend

A delicious, easy whiskey for sharing on any occasion. Rich with honey, rye and dried red fruits, a true crowd-pleaser poured when entertaining, or celebrating with friends.

Award-winning Gold Bar® 889 Blend is a blended whiskey double cask finished in used French oak wine barrels from the idyllic Napa Valley.

Mash bill of three quality grains: 88% Corn 9% Rye and 3% Barley.

Outstandingly smooth and versatile, Gold Bar is a unique modern expression on a traditional blended whiskey. Bottled at 80 proof / 40% alc/vol.

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Award-Winning Bourbon

Bold and distinctive
the 820 release

A whiskey with conviction. Complex and balanced, with layers of smoke, spicy rye and creamy fruit. This expression is bold and smooth, to be enjoyed in contemplation or among like-minded connoisseurs.

The 820 Release is Straight Bourbon Whiskey double cask finished in French oak wine barrels from the idyllic Napa Valley.

Produced from specially select milled grains. Crafted from a unique mash bill of Texas Corn (80%) and Oklahoma Rye (20%). Triple copper pot still distillation using only the heart-cut for barreling. Aged 3-6 years in new American oak barrels (Char # 4) and double cask finished in French oak wine barrels (Extra Charred). Non-chill filtered. Bottled at 92 proof / 46% alc/vol.


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RickHOUSE Cask Strength BOURBON

Bold, warming, and richly balanced. New release Rickhouse is straight bourbon whiskey cask finished with french oak staves then bottled at cask strength of unique 103 proof.

The mash bill (80% corn and 20% rye) is triple copper pot distilled and left to rest in extra charred new American oak. Rickhouse is then additionally raked over French oak staves to deliver a complex oak and robust layered taste profile with long lingering sweetness.

Gold Bar® signature smoothness at cask strength. Non-chill filtered and natural color.

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Our iconic mini bottle

Introducing the GOLD BAR® mini, our 50mL version of the original GOLD BAR® bottle and the 889 Blend.The GOLD BAR mini makes the perfect gift for those who know that great things come in small packages.


‘Lady of Fortune’ solid brass coin

Mint Condition Coin

As a symbol of good luck and prosperity, a solid brass coin is pressed into the front of each bottle of premium GOLD BAR Whiskey.

Illustrated by a renowned American artist, the removable ‘Lady of Fortune’ coin is individually minted at America’s oldest private mint.

Each uniquely numbered bottle is a true work of art.

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